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Last Update: 21 Oct 2017
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Hansard (Unedited)Hansard (Unedited)

The unedited Hansard will only be made available on our home page during the DUN Sarawak Meeting and a month after

For more informtion, kindly contact:-

1)  Mr Semawi bin Mohamad,
     Secretary, Sarawak State Legislative Assembly
     (Tel: 082-445663)

2)  Ms Sharifah Shazzea binti Wan Akil,
     Deputy Secretary, Sarawak State Legislative Assembly
     (Tel: 082-445233)

3)  Ms Magdalen Nangkai,
     Administrative Officer
     (Tel: 082-445848)

4)  Ms Sophia Jenang,
     Publications and Public Relations Unit
     (Tel: 082-445562)

     or fax to: 082-445769/440628